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We Finally Found My Parents a New Home! Now We Need Help...

 Posted by Diane Blum on March 9, 2018 at 10:43 AM

“Due to their health, my elderly parents can no longer live at their home by themselves anymore.  I try to help the best I can but between raising my own family and working a full time job I can’t give my parents the amount of time they need.  Finally, after several very stressful months of us searching for their new home, we have finally found the perfect community for them to move into. Yay! Woo!....Except, how am I going to move my parents into their new home and clear out their current house, which looks like it belongs on the show hoarders, so that it can be put on the real estate market. I live out of town, can’t take any more days off work, and can only come back on certain weekends due to family obligations. I NEED HELP.”

We at Caring Transitions have heard this dilemma many times, and can assure you that no matter how stressful it may seem, we have a solution!   We can handle the entire transitions from start to finish.

Moving:  Moving can be very stressful and can bring up some questions like “Which items will fit in the new home?”, “Who is going to lift the heavy furniture?”, and “How much resources are we going to need to complete the move?”.  At Caring Transitions we can take care of all of these questions and more!  Space planning (to determine which items you can bring to your new home), packing, mover coordination, unpacking, and resettling.  After we leave your new home, the dishes will be in the cabinets, TV set up, the bed will be made, and any other additional resettling needs so that when we leave your new home is ready to be lived in.

Liquidation:  The cost of making a transition can be high; but, there are ways to help defer that cost! When moving into a home that is smaller than the current home you live in, you can’t take all of your items with you.   A great tool for cleaning out your  home and having people pay you to do so, is to have an Estate Sale or an Online Auction through our very own Caring Transitions online auctions website CTBids.com.  No you won’t get the same amount of money for the item as you paid for it, but it is a very cost effective way of getting your home cleaned out so that it can be put on the market.  Remember, the money is in selling the home.  It may be hard to grasp selling an item for 10% of what it was bought for 20 years ago, but when the house gets sold, you will be happy you let go of that item.

Clean Out: “What happens with all of the items that didn’t sell at the Estate Sale or the CTBids.com Online Auction?”.  There will almost always be items left over after an Estate Sale or CTBids.com online auctions, but we have solutions for these items.  For all items that can be donated, we can arrange with the charity of your choice, to have these items picked up or dropped off by that charity.  Due to the increasing supply, donation companies will turn down items they believe are to low quality, for example, a wood desk that is all scratched.  For items that can’t be donated, we will remove them in the necessary manner.  If its furniture, clothes, and other household items, we will throw them away, and if they are chemical items such as oils, gasoline, etc. we will take them to a waste management company.  After all of the items have been removed from the home, we will leave the home broom swept clean, so that it can be put on the market and sold.

Caring Transitions can be your one stop shop provider for all of your transitional needs.  Our specialty in relocations, liquidation’s, and clean-outs, will make your move truly a caring transition.

President, Caring Transitions of the Cuyahoga and Chagrin Valley