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"This company was great in helping with our downsizing from a 2,500 square foot home to a one bedroom apartment. They relieved a lot of stress and made everything seem so smooth and easy. I can't tell you enough how much they helped. Thank you!"

 -Marlene C.

"Dear Diane -- Thank you and your family for making moving much easier than I would ever have expected!  In a time of so many consideration for me to keep track of, the four of you made things very easy.  You helped me make decisions, you came up with suggestions about what to keep, what to leave, that were always helpful.  Just the energy and care, and the way the four of you worked together and solved problems, made this far easier than I expected.  In my new place you even set up all the books and objects I wanted on my four shelves -- and even made them look good!  In a time of maximum chaos and difficult decisions, you lived up to your name: this was a truly caring transition!"  
John G. (Relocation and Downsizing Customer in Aurora)

"You took a tremendous burden off my shoulders by taking charge of a job that I was too busy to complete myself."
- Kim S.

"You took care of everything professionally, and we felt you really cared about us and about treating (my aunt’s) things with respect. You were a lifesaver."
- Jim R.

"We appreciated all the work you did after the estate sale: cleaning up the house, finding appropriate places to donate unsold items, and overseeing disposal of things that could not be donated."
- Donna B.

"Thank you Caring Transitions, for the help you provided in my recent estate sale. Not only was it profitable, but you also made it fun!"
- Maria G.

"In a few short weeks, you turned what appeared to be an insurmountable job into a well-organized event. The results of the sale surpassed our expectations…"
- Curt M.